Looking for an Awesome Evening Job?

Easily Clean Offices With Reliable in Austin (Central),  Texas

Weekly Pay | Part-Time | Full-Time | Great Bosses

$14-$25/hr | Bonuses | Growth Opportunities

This Opportunity as a Cleaner With Us is for you if:

✅ You can't STAND being late or missing work

✅ You like people and have fun getting along

✅ You always tell the truth

✅ You aren't afraid of hard work and take pride in your effort

✅ You go nuts if you start something and can't finish

✅ You love being recognized for going above and beyond

✅ You think some of our team in the photos are cool

✅ You aren't offended by the other column and think some of it is actually funny/corny.

This Opportunity With Us is NOT for you if:

❌ You get butt hurt easily

❌ The Grudge wasn't just a movie, it's your attitude

❌ You're on drugs, a criminal or just a plain old pain to deal with

❌ You change jobs more than you change underwear

❌ You don't take showing up on time every time seriously

❌ You think work is supposed to be hard and boring

❌ You don't play well with others- because for some reason nobody likes you

❌ Right now you feel offended


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