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 Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Janitorial, Disinfection and Floor Services for Western North Carolina







Less Distractions

Cleaner Facilities

Improved Productivity

You and your staff have better things to do

– Are you or your staff having to clean?

– Has ‘Babysit the Cleaning Service‘ become a part of your job description?

– Are corners, edges and under furniture gathering dirty gunk and still being ignored?

– Are the same old nasty trash bags seldom being changed?

– Do the cleaning staff concern you about what they’re doing in your facility after hours?

– Are cleanings inconsistent because your service’s staff turn over on a weekly basis?

– Are you no longer seriously shocked if no cleaning happened the previous night?

You don’t have to experience problems anymore

We don’t just care about Cleaning


We care about You

Your Service is Guaranteed: Ask about our Money Back + Dinner & Movie for Two Guarantee

The Active Accountability Process: We partner with you and report to you every week on the work being done

No Contracts: You’re free to call it Quits anytime. No hidden fees or “Gotcha” clauses

We Know What It Takes to Give You Results

Thoughtful Services

Your facility is unique from other facilities. A medical space demands different intensity than a bank. A high traffic public space has more requirements than a private office. Your facility is in a class of its own and services should be customized to meet your standards. We can meet your needs through any combination of janitorial, disinfection and floor services that are available. Read more about what we do differently to ensure your commercial facility is properly cared for.


Active Accountability

Most companies rely on complaints and rarely-performed ‘inspections’ to figure out what’s lacking. We take an active forward-leaning approach to looking out for your facility for you, so you don’t have to. Read more about our 5-layer Active Accountability Process.


A Winning Culture

Relying on that one good cleaning person is great…until that person isn’t there. Our customers don’t have that struggle and ‘high turnover’ isn’t in our vocabulary. Read more about how our team is perpetually built to win for you.

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Know exactly what to look for the next time you change cleaning companies

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