A Winning Culture

Most companies wait until they are short staffed, then rush to grab anyone with a heartbeat, throw them a broom and say ‘Clean.’ Our approach is drastically different. We are constantly looking for A Grade players and very intentional about how we compensate, equip and treat our team.

Because of what we do that’s listed on this page, our team experiences:

High morale

Consistent great cleaning

Extremely low turnover

Never being suddenly short staffed


Above Average Pay

– Our starting pay is around 20% more than the average in the area


We give Benefits that Few Other Cleaning Services Offer

– Paid Time Off

– Compensated for IRS Mileage AND Drive Time (no other cleaning company does both together like we do)

– Fun & Food. We like to celebrate and take care of our team members.


We Work in Teams

– Teams naturally hold eachother accountable and keep morale high. Cleaning alone for extended amounts of time leads to demotivation, corners being cut and a poor overall experience for you and the staff person.


Teams are Trained and Equipped Properly

– We make sure everyone is set up to be successful at their job. Every reason for poor performance is addressed and actively trained and equipped against.


We Aim to Finish Before Midnight

– Working past midnight, for most people, throws off a plethera of biological processes that regulate mood and energy. Our team doesn’t burn out because we adhere to this principle.


We filter and hire through a 3-Stage Interview Process

– Stage 1 is a group interview where we look for solid personality & character.

– Stage 2 is a 1-1 interview where we dig into work history and reliability.

– Stage 3 is a 1-week working interview where they are watched in action and make sure they are a fit.


We Target people with day jobs

– Most of our team members have a 2 or 4 year degree with stable employment during the day. They simply want more work to have more spending money, to save faster for the future or to pay off student debt.


We have a Wait List of highly qualified applicants who are ready to start at a moment’s notice

– Every one of our team members’ positions has multiple ready-and-able pre-approved applicants ready to fill their space. If someone decides to resign, we can bring in a thoroughly vetted and motivated person to fill that position within hours. We achieve this depth by ceaselessly performing the 3-Stage Interview Process.

– This provides security for team members because they know they won’t be left alone if anything turns south with another team member.

– The real beauty of this process is we are able to constantly bring Grade A players to the game without having to put up with C or less players.

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