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Active Accountability Process


Indefinitely remove the burden of managing cleanliness and sanitation for customers so far from them, that they are comfortable simply checking our weekly reports and can focus their energy on more profitable aspects of their business.


What is Active Accountability?

Ownership. What it means for our customers is: Reliable Medical Cleaning personally owns the cleanliness and sanitation process for the interior of the building. We’re the ones actively looking for and dealing with detailed issues, and you’re reported a bird’s eye view every Monday or as needed.


Here’s how we uniquely implement Active Accountability so that you don’t have to deal with cleaning issues from visitors and staff:

We have a unique 5-layer process beyond the cleaning team members to catch potential issues before they become major complaints.

Penny Finder

  1. ALL Eyes & Ears Communication
  2. High Leadership Involvement
  3. Weekly Reports to Customer Location Contacts with feedback requested
  4. Weekly Reports to Customer Leadership (if applicable)


  1. The Penny Finder

The Penny Finder is a unique position on our team who’s entire task is to seek and fix detail. They’re not a part of the standard cleaning crew. They visit each location while it’s being cleaned once or twice per week with a flashlight to find debris under desks (sometimes pennies), remove dust bunnies, wipe small ledges, move objects to look under and behind them, seek cobwebs, find areas that may have been missed and let crews know, etc. After this, they report feedback and patterns to crews and leadership like an inspector would.


  1. ALL Eyes & Ears Communication

We operate from an app called Swept. This app allows customers to instantly post pictures, send messages and mark urgent matters for the entire cleaning team to see. Only select individuals on our team can respond back over the messaging board even though everyone can see what was posted. This increases the effectiveness of your feedback and reduces the risk of internal miscommunication since everyone can see what you posted. We establish a contact with each customer location being serviced in order to set this up.


  1. High Leadership Involvement

Even though we see every message, leadership visits and works with each cleaning team multiple times per week. Leadership also visits each Customer Location Contact as frequently as needed and at least once per month.


  1. Individual Weekly Reports to Customers with Feedback Requested

Each Customer Location Contact will receive an email with a weekly report every Monday that summarizes their cleaning for the previous week. They will be able to see the frequency of tasks, when specific tasks were completed, issues discovered and feedback received, how they were addressed or will be addressed, etc. Each report asks for feedback.


  1. Weekly Report to Customer Leadership (if applicable)

If you have multiple locations, the central Customer Contact will also receive a weekly report summarizing the cleaning for the previous week. This report will contain a link to copies of reports sent to other Location Contacts, share their feedback, issues discovered, changes being implemented, etc. This way you stay in the loop and can still shift time and energy resources to more profitable aspects of your business at the same time.



Active Accountability is our forward leaning approach to caring for your facilities. The aim is to completely remove your cleaning burden, so that you can focus on more profitable aspects of your business and rest after your day is done. You shouldn’t have to wonder if full work is getting completed. You shouldn’t have to have staff out after hours checking in on cleaning crews. You should be free to do what you do best and rest after that. We’ll take it from there.


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